Tsingdata D-Lab was founded in Dec 2015 with the support of Tsinghua University Institute for Data Science(IDS), Tsingdata Big Data Industries Association and TusPark Business Incubator Co.,Ltd. We believe Big Data technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, if put into practice, can bring disruptive innovations to traditional businesses. Our mission is to facilitate transformation and innovations across commercial, public and private sectors by building a trusted data ecosystem that connects talents, facilitates data innovations, and promotes sharing of data resources.

What We Do

Challenges in industry such as data silos, lack of talent pools, and information asymmetry are limiting the development of Big Data technologies. Traditional businesses have limited awareness on the application of Big Data; Institutions with Big Data technologies lack the business sense to commercialize their technologies; Entrepreneurs could not find funding for their Big Data projects; Investors are not familiar with Big Data. In response to these problems, we are building a neutral data ecosystem to solve all above mentioned obstacles.


To establish trust and facilitate cooperation between different parties, we bring together data practitioners, academic researchers, policy makers and leaders from various industries to share their ideas and insights through conferences, seminars and networking events, etc. Our goal is build an environment that promotes information sharing and collaborations so each party can benefit from it.


We help commercial, public and private sector to put the Big Data concept into practice through educations and training. Tsingdata is part of the strategic partnership between Ivey Business School and Tsinghua Institute for Data Science. We accumulate actual real-world business cases on the applications of Big Data that can be used for training purposes. We also partner with the DAMA, to introduce advanced data management practices to the public.


We assist local industries to transform and upgrade using big data technologies. We coordinate data resources from government, institutions and industries to develop innovative data applications. Based on the need of local market, we facilitate data innovations in sectors such as Health Care, Manufacturing, Finance, Government Data Management, etc.


We accelerates the development of the big data industry by making strategic investments into promising data technologies. By forming strategic partnership with government and corporations, we provide incubation services and equity investment to data start-ups.


Through online and offline channel, Tsingdata has reached over 600,000 audiences, mostly professional in their respective industries who are in quest for better data practices.

  • Peer Sharing Seminar

    Peer Sharing Seminar is a regular seminar that caters to small groups of industry experts, data practitioners and other professionals to conduct in-depth thought exchange. Topics varies from traditional industries such as Health Care, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Banking, Transportation to new technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies.

  • Tsingdata D-Lab (WuQing)

    Jingjin Gaocun Science & Technology Innovation Park is a national technology innovation park at Wuqing District, Tianjin. Tsingdata D-Lab established a branch at the innovation park and positioned itself as a facilitation center where local government and companies come for assistance regarding data-related cooperation. Tsingdata has conducted a series of influential events which attracted many corporations to set up businesses in Wuqing District.

  • Strategic Co-operation with Tsinghua IDS, Thomson Reuters and IWEP

    Tsingdata, together with Thomson Reuters, Tsinghua IDS and Institute of World Economics and Politics(IWEP), published the first “Belt and Road”Merger&Acquisition index in the world. The index serves as a reference for businesses around the world to make investments in the “Belt and Road” countries.

  • Tsinghua Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition

    Tsinghua Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition is an annual entrepreneurship competition that connects alumni entrepreneurs with investors, government agencies, and alumni corporations, providing resources for the start-ups to expand and grow. Tsingdata participated and organized this event. In 2017, with the support of Tsinghua University Alumni, there were 305 start-up teams participated in this event, and 169 mentors from various industries provided support during the evaluation process.

  • Strategic co-operation with DAMA

    DAMA is a non-for-profit international organization and its objective is to promote standard data management practices to the public. Tsingdata works with DAMA to support local government and companies to advance the concepts and practices of data management through research, publications, promotion of standards, etc.

  • Strategic Co-operation with Ivey Business School

    Ivey Business School is the world's leading business school and is famous for its case study method. Tsingdata is part of the strategic cooperation between Tsinghua University Institute for Data Science and Ivey Business School to establish a joint center to foster long term cooperative research and teaching related to big data. Tsingdata has established case writing agreements with multiple world-class companies and these cases can be used for education purposes for other businesses.

  • RONG Conference

    Tsingdata contributed to the initiation of RONG Conference. RONG Conference invites thought leaders from various industries to discuss their opinions regarding the development and application of big data. Discussion topics include Health Care, Artificial Intelligence, Future City, Sustainability, Blockchain Technologies, Banking, Transportation, Agriculture, Manufacturing, etc. In 2016, Tsingdata contributed to more than 20 conferences, which invited hundreds of prominent leaders, and attracted tens of thousands of audiences.


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